Saturday, February 12, 2011

25 weeks!!!

For some reason I feel like being 25 weeks pregnant is significant. I mean, I still have 15 weeks left (hopefully...or hopefully not? Hard to tell). At this point nobody is wondering whether or not I'm pregnant, but I still feel pretty good. Not too huge to be uncomfortable (but getting there), still able to sleep most of the night (though the insomnia is definitely increasing), and maintaining a pretty healthy level of energy to play with my super active toddler. We'll see how quickly that energy depletes.

Here are some videos for all you curious folk out there. Yes, I stick out much more than I did with Reece (which I didn't think was possible), but don't forget that I still have 15 glorious weeks with which to grow this little doll. So I promise the videos and pictures will get much more shocking as the weeks progress. Yipee.

And we can't have a post without some cute thing about Reece, so here is his latest: He has a crazy-funny imagination. Yesterday he wanted to climb on the table and I wouldn't let him so he tried to convince me that he was a cat (because it's apparently okay for cats to climb on the table). I'm talking meowing, crawling around, licking stuff, the works. He found out that cats don't get to climb on the table, either. He also likes to invent games. This game I dedicate to my dear friend Laurel, with whom I created several couch games our freshman year at BYU. We even had Couch Olympics, they were so elaborate. Apparently couch games are genetic. Reece's favorite is called "Really Hurt," in which he and his dad pretend-fall off his little couch then exclaim, "Ow! Really hurt!" Poor kid has had so much head trauma already in his life. At least he tries to make the best of it.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Wild and Crazy Guys

Sometimes it's overwhelming being surrounded by such charming, sophisticated, beautiful men. I thought you should all share a little in my constant joy:

Last night Reece and I built a fort and played our harmonicas. He's actually a pretty good harmonica player, able to play single notes and such. This is his new camera face. He even says "cheese!"

He normally hates to wear hats, but I guess he was feeling like a thug (does the pink detract from the "thug" appearance?).

Reece got new superman pajamas and even though he has no idea who Superman is, he has taken to flying around the house (with dad's help...disappointing, I know) and flexing his muscles. I mean more often than normal.

I just love his face.
We've had unnaturally good weather this January, so we took a hike in Forest Park, near Pittock Mansion. Every trail in Forest Park looks exactly like this (about 5 minutes drive from our house).

Now my other handsome guy. I shrunk his wool sweater, but I think it looks better than ever.

Did you forget this face? The widow's peak is not on purpose. He just gets tired of me cutting his hair, and that part always comes last. It adds a little shape to his huge, round head, I guess.

This is not as obscene as you think, I promise. Reece declared himself "Bubble Man," though he got a bit of help from his dad.

Don't you love them?