Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reece man, the American hero!

Reece just keeps doing cute things. None of us are surprised, I'm sure. But it does mean I should be keeping a journal or something to document. Since that's not happening, I'll just continue to occasionally update this blog. You're welcome.

The first video is Reece loving on his little sister, who still happens to be in utero (35 weeks!):

Next we have Reece's turn at leading the FHE song last night:

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Photo Book

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Spring Burst 5k/10k

So we have been super busy lately, but I'm not sure what we've done. Paul loves his job and I'm loving spending time with Reece (right now he's shaking his crib bars trying to convince me to let him out of bed without a nap). We've had game nights with Staci, Dave and Kyle, we visited Silver Falls near Salem (possible pictures to come soon), and most importantly for this post, I somehow convinced the lot of us to run a race. Paul ran the 10k and Reece, Kyle, baby and I walked the 5k. Paul did really well and ended up getting 3rd in his age category with a time of 50:32. Our 5k time was around 54 minutes, if that gives you any idea of how awesome Paul is. He literally ran circles around us, as the 10k track just doubled the 5k track. Reece also did amazingly well, thanks to uncle Kyle's iPod touch and it's accompanying Angry Birds game.

The belly in this shot is 33 weeks. And yes, I pushed a double jogging stroller. That doesn't make me awesome, just desperate. Reece was on one side and Curious George on the other. I tried to convince Kyle to let me sit while he pushed all of us, but I guess I'm too heavy these days. Darn. Here's to many more family fun runs!