Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Amelia Jane Weitzel

So...we had a baby. A girl baby, more precisely. I haven't had much time to blog, though we've loaded a few photos onto Paul's Picasa album (link on the right). She's perfect. She's calm and sweet and beautiful. My water broke (ruptured, apparently. They had to break it later again...not sure what happened) and so I got induced about three hours earlier than scheduled. I was on pitocin for 20 hours before she made her debut, though the actual delivery only took about 7 minutes. I wasn't a fan of being on an IV for so long, but the short delivery was a big improvement over last time. A HUGE thanks to Uncle Kyle for babysitting Reece for about 48 hours. I seriously don't know what we would have done without him. In our opinion, he's got a ticket straight into heaven for his help this last week (not sure how much our opinion counts, though).

Reece has taken very well to his little sister. He calls her Mia, which we think is adorable. He loves to give her high fives, send her little toe-piggies to the market, and "comfort" her when she cries (patting her head). We have been so blessed with two amazing kids. And both good babies, besides. Amelia has such a calm temperament (just like her brother did), and hopefully it will stay that way. I even got 6 hours of sleep last night (not simultaneous).

Thanks to everybody for your love and prayers and support. We couldn't be happier. Babies bring such a sweet spirit to a home, and we're basking in her spirit.

Grandma Nancy is on her way to our house right now, and the Carr clan is heading up on Friday/Saturday. We can't wait to see everybody! Amelia's blessing is on Sunday, so if you're in Portland, please come! We'll give you food afterward.

We love our little Amelia Jane!