Sunday, March 30, 2008


This last week we were able to achieve one of Paul's dreams: we went to Albania. Okay, okay, so I can't really pretend like this vacation was for Paul, but I think he had a good time. He was a great traveling companion at least. We had a blast exploring my mission. Even after living without our luggage for two days, trudging through torrential rains without jackets or close-toed shoes, and having our plans all fall through, we ended up really enjoying our time in Albania.

Now for anybody who has served in a third-world country as a missionary, here's a little tip: there is nothing to do. At least there's not much of a night-life. Paul and I aren't real bar-hoppers, so seeing as how dance clubs, bars, and discos are the only night-life available to Albania, we instead indulged ourselves in our fair share of Albanian television (including American movies translated into Albanian/Italian with Greek subtitles). So I'll post some of the highlights here, and if you want a full tour of our Albanian vacation, click on the link on the left for "Weitzel Web Albums." Enjoy!