Tuesday, December 22, 2009

WARNING: Baby Pictures May Cause Overuse of the Word "Cute"

I figure it's about time for some more Reece photos. The world needs a constant and updating supply of Reece pictures and it's my solemn responsibility to supply them. So here we go:

We have been practicing opening presents so that he can really burn through his presents on Christmas morning. He eventually opened this entire present and found, much to his surprise, a ball inside!

Our tree is, surprisingly, still intact. He hasn't broken one ornament or choked on one pine needle. He has certainly tried to do both of these things, but he's not quite fast enough yet.

Did I mention that he's adorable?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Destruction

It has been so fun to decorate our apartment for Christmas, and probably even more fun watching Reece destroy it all. His "crawl" is very unconventional but he is very fast and his reach is surprisingly high. Luckily he's not too interested in the Christmas ornaments or even the presents yet, though we expect that might change soon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hayley's Engaged!

So...my baby sister is engaged. She's not really a baby; she's 19. And I don't think I've ever even called her my "baby sister," but it makes it sound so much more dramatic that way. I'm so happy for her and she's so much more normal than I ever was when it comes to dating and relationships (I love you, Paul). She's so well-adjusted and not-crazy that really I'm just happy for her to have found a guy that apparently is amazing. I've never met him, but I guess he's perfect and wonderful and everything she's ever wanted. Plus his last name is Housekeeper, so Hayley will marry-morph from one noun into another, much more alliterative noun.Isn't she beautiful? He's a lucky guy.

I would like to be the first to extend a bloggable olive leaf to our new brother-in-law and say: Jess, you'd better take good care of my sister or I will hurt you. And with the necessary threats out of the way, welcome to the family! You're so lucky to have captured Hayley's heart. She's such a sweet, loving, empathetic person. She's a great listener and the best friend. I can't think of anyone who would make a better wife. She'll do everything she can to make you happy forever. I only wish I could marry her. Too bad I'm already married...and she's my sister...and that's weird.

So congratulations to the newly engaged couple! May you make many beautiful cousins for Reece (how's that for pressure?). Trashegofshi mire! (May you inherit well...standard Albanian wedding well-wishing...it makes sense, darn it). Hooray!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Best Christmas Picture EVER

We, of course, think that this is the best Santa picture of all time. We are up for the challenge, however, if you have adorable pictures of your kids with Santa that you want to showcase. Please let us know where we can see these pictures so everyone can benefit mutually from our/your beautiful kids. Reece, in his habit of loving strangers, took to Santa immediately. I guess you could say the adoration was mutual. I'm guessing Reece is on the "Good" list this year.

Also, we finally uploaded more pictures into our web albums. You can see pictures of Reece's wild mohawk, as well as our latest adventures in San Francisco with Tyler and Bryce, and some New York pictures with Markie.