Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Own Brand of Super Hero

Reece has been changing in crazy ways these last couple of weeks. He is almost crawling. He has been doing his army scoot for a couple weeks now (pulling himself with his arms and letting his little legs dangle behind; takes after his Grandpa Mel...for the army part, not the little legs part) and he even modified it so that he would turn in circles all across the floor. If he wanted something a foot in front of him, he'd turn in several 360 degree circles until he had scooted just far enough to reach it. Pretty funny kid. Well now he's starting to get the idea that he can also use his legs, so the crawling is imminent. This isn't the best video of him almost-crawling - he can make it pretty much all the way across a room - but he was tired this morning so we didn't want to push it too far. Please enjoy our little Reece-ster:

He also has two teeth. They are just coming in but they're hard to capture on film. I feel like he's getting super powers. He's got his super-bite now, enabling him to eat Cheerios and bananas more efficiently (who wouldn't consider that a super power?), and he's developing his super-crawl (a combo of arm pulling, sick 360s and cute mini leg scoots-see above video). And perhaps the most powerful of all, his super-charm. He will stare at women until they give him their attention, then just bask in his own cuteness. Reece's friend Nichelle (YMCA child care provider) said the other day, "He is adorable. I mean, all babies are cute, but he is adorable. Like, he should be in commercials." Reece has used his super power charms to win her over. Now he's the favorite baby at the Y and he gets people who don't even have kids stopping in just to woo him. Then two days ago we were at Wendy's and the manager brought us a FREE meal. He had been cooing over Reece and then BAM, free food. When does that ever happen at Wendy's? Thank you, Captain Charm.

If you're ever planning on visiting us you'd best be warned: Reece will have you wrapped around his little finger. And when he does, you'd better be careful: he bites.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome to our Halloween-time

Every year that we lived in Los Angeles we would go to Disneyland at Halloween time. I even had my own song that I would sing for that special trip (see title of post). I really missed it this year, though I'm pretty sure Paul will never miss hearing that song, which only had the one line and which I would sing constantly for about a week. This year, though I really missed Disneyland, we did have Reece. And Reece is better than 1000 Disneylands.

Reece was a hot dog for Halloween (he requested it. I said "Don't you want to go as something more time-sensitive? Like dress up like Obama or Al Gore?" But again, he insisted on going as a little wiener). Paul and I dressed up as hot dog vendors, and we actually won his work costume competition. But with such a cute baby, it was kind of a shoe-in. We also had a little secret touch to our costumes, which was our custom logo that we ironed onto our hats and aprons:Please don't sue us, Wienerschnitzel. I promise nobody noticed, and my hard work of cutting and pasting in Paint was all for naught. Now for the real Weitzelschnitzel:

Paul also had his birthday this weekend (today, actually). He's now finally old enough to own a pair of feetsie pajamas (you know the baby pajamas with the little feet...yeah, those). He also got a hot dog cake to match our hot dog ensemble from yesterday. It didn't work out as pretty as I hoped, and we certainly can't eat it, as it's made of Twinkies and pound cake (we're trying to NOT die of pound cake overdose).

And finally just some cute pictures of Reece. I know that's what you really came for, but you get bonus points if you read this far...sucker.