Friday, June 12, 2009

Recent Reece

Reece is learning so many things so fast, it's hard to keep up. Right now (I mean right this second) he's talking to his toys. However, the video below is from a couple weeks ago. He's just learning this week how to grab them. He's been able to suck on his hands for a couple of weeks, but now he's getting to where he can suck on his toys (on purpose) without my help. He's also learning that if he kicks his little mobile, it will sing to him. He's already been quite the kicker, and this is just making him more so. I'm totally fine with all that kicking now that he's not inside my stomach. No problem at all now.

I'll just put a couple videos on here, and if you want to see more pictures just go to our web albums (link on the left). We've got some pictures in there of his blessing weekend, Paul's trip to Oregon (by the way, he got a clerkship with a judge in Portland starting fall of 2010 for a year), and just more cute Reece-ness. Enjoy!