Thursday, August 28, 2008

Updates Pending!

I promise that some day (soon) I will update this blog. We have so many pictures and cool stories to post. And I'm sure all of you (meaning me) who have been checking this daily for updates just can't wait to hear what we have to say. Well, you'll have to wait because I'm at work right now and have no access to pictures (really, I'm just bored). I do have one funny story to share very quickly, then I promise more will come:

Monsters In The Bed:
Two nights ago Paul proved his paranoia yet again. I could really just say "See Vampire Story Below" and that would nearly suffice. However, this story has a slightly different ring. I was laying in bed, thinking about trying to sleep, and Paul was brushing his teeth in the bathroom. He came back in the room and tiptoed to bed (the lights were off). He whispered to me, "I just had this image come into my mind that you were a monster." He was trying to sound brave.

I mustered a weak, "Oh yeah? Well, I'm not and you're crazy." He managed a weak laugh and climbed into bed. Then about ten seconds passed and he asked, "Hey Wendy, can we open the blinds a little bit?" My question in return: "Is this so you can see me more clearly and make sure I'm not a monster?" He paused..."Yes." My response: "No deal." Paul: "Then that means you really are a monster." Wendy: "You'll just have to wait and see." Paul: "That's not funny." He then turned over and covered himself completely with the blanket. I considered biting his arm or something monster-like, but I was too tired to continue the charade.

What's so funny about this story, is that unlike our vampire story of months ago, Paul did not wake from a frightful sleep or a bad dream. He was fully conscious, and still claimed that I was a monster. Now in all fairness, I can be quite scary late at night when I'm tired, but I hardly think that constitutes calling me a monster.