Sunday, April 26, 2009

Nah nah nah nah...Reece-Man!

He's getting cuter every day. It's hard to imagine, but true. I love his little coos and gurgles. he's much more active (meaning he likes to pull my hair when he gets the chance, and he can successfully remove my glasses from my face). Here are a couple of videos to prove his cuteness:

This was taken at 5 weeks old (Monday, April 19).

This was taken last Wednesday (April 22). He's such an angel.

This was taken today. He rolled over for the first time last Friday, and it took about 30 tries to get him on video today (hence his unhappy demeanor).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Cutest video ever

So Reece learned to smile.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Speed Reecer

Reece is now 26 days old. He's gained over a pound and over an inch. Also, his nicknames are constantly changing. I like Speed Reecer because I had a Speed Racer poster on my wall for about four years. Plus when Reece was on my team for Mario Kart, I won.

We are loving having him around. He is a very good baby and already likes to play little tricks on his mom and dad (like peeing on his dad three times while getting his diaper changed). Hilarious. Here are just a few newer pics:

This one is from his first week of life. He just looks so beautiful.

This one is a couple weeks old. I love his little mohawk.

This was taken today and shows his sticky face. It's sticky because one trick he likes to play is "Get milk all over my face by being a sporadic eater."

And of course, an adorable video.

This was taken last week. Those of you from Sanpete will notice the "Special Delivery" shirt from Sanpete Valley hospital. We have probably four of them that we inherited from either Dena's kids or Layne.

This is Paul living through his son. We've got the Dylan outfit and the guitar. We'll see if Reece can really fulfill his dad's dreams for him by loving Bob Dylan as much as Paul does.

Or not.