Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas, Christmas Time Is Here!

Okay, so I realize that Christmas has been over for two weeks now, but I just can't help still feeling that Christmas spirit. Either that or I just haven't gotten around to posting our new photos yet. So here's a sampling of our amazing Christmas bonanza:

New Years:
Now these aren't exactly in chronological order, nor any order at all really. And I couldn't put all my favorites on here (I don't have the patience). But to see a full list of our pics, go to our "Weitzel Web Albums" link on the left. By the way, the above pic is Paul and I in Vegas for New Year's. Pretty crazy-fun, but we both agreed we'll never go there again. Especially not after Paul's "encounter" with the police.

Weitzel Christmas:

One of my favorite shots here: all the parents trying to get their kids to actually smile (or even look at) any of the multiple cameras.
Opening presents Weitzel-style.

Nancy stylin' her new bike.

Now for the Carrs:
Half of the Christmas crew [Papa Carr, Mama Carr, Layne (aka Layne-ard, Layne-a-lyn, Christian)]

Hayley gets her own picture because she's adorable.

Tyler gets his own shot because...well, I don't know why.

Dena's family. I had to force them to smile. And I mean force. (Actually, any one of Dena's kids could beat me up with both hands tied behind their backs. Please don't hurt me...)

This is kind of scary. Bordering inappropriate. To see Tyler and Layne's video go to "Weitzel Web Albums." Do you see what you've started, Bryce?

The Allred clan (Grandma Allred, Grandpa Allred, mom, Wendy, Paul, Hobo Kyle)