Saturday, May 16, 2009

ARIZONA! Featuring: Dave's family, Sedona and Grand Canyon

Just to make sure we start this blog right, here's some adorable Reece-ness (by the way, he is two months old today! Crazy!):
Now on to Arizona: After Paul graduated (yay!), we decided to take a little vacation to visit Dave and Teresa. It's one of our favorite vacations, and even though they're coming to California next week, we couldnt' resist making the trip. They were nice enough to let us come, especially on such short notice. We loved seeing Dave's work and playing with their kids. We wish we could have had more time with them, and I wish that I wouldn't have slept so much (I never thought I would say that). But super fun nonetheless.

Dueling babies.

Slide Rock, near Sedona. Much cooler than Grand Canyon, even though we got there just an hour before closing.

Although Grand Canyon was pretty cool, too.
Reece did pretty well for his first big road trip.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Paul Graduated!

Yahoo! Paul finally graduated from UCLA Law School! I am so proud of him. He has worked so hard for three years.

He got amazing grades, was the President of the Federalist Society (which was hardly even existent when he joined first year, but his third year he was in the top tier nationally in both quality and quantity of events. He got a personal note from the president of the national Federalist society congratulating him on a job well done. He hosted at least a dozen events with speakers and debates and had over 200 people at certain events). He made the moot court honors program, he had an externship with Judge Kozinski (like a clerkship but for law students), worked on a death row case with the DA of Van Nuys (the guy was eventually sentenced to's that for success?), and most importantly Paul had a fantastic internship with Davis Polk & Wardwell in both Menlo Park, CA and New York, NY. Now he starts working for Davis Polk, Menlo Park in September and we are so excited to start his career.

I have to be the one to post this because he would never brag, but as his wife I am very happy to brag about him. He did all of this while serving as Elder's Quorum President, Second Counselor in a Bishopric, and now serving in the High Priest group leadership. He never studied on a Sunday, not even once. He certainly has been an amazing example to me of how hard work and faith can pay off in great ways. I'm so grateful to be married to such a stud (and not in the horse breeding kind of way). Way to go, babe!

Now he starts his bar classes on Monday and takes the bar in late July. Then he can achieve his dream of being called Dr. Paul Weitzel, Esquire. (By the way, I keep telling him that he's not a doctor, but he thinks it's funny, so I allow it). A big thanks to David and Hillary and kids for coming and taking great pictures and then babysitting so we could go to dinner. We love you guys!

Reece and Katie:
Mama and Reece:
All dressed up for the occasion:

The only one not wearing his cap.
Molly and Katie with Uncle Paul:
Congrats, daddy!