Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just Like Daddy

Despite my best efforts, Reece is taking after his dad. Sure, that's a good thing as far as ambitions and morals and being a great human being; but the video games, oh the video games! Fortunately, at least for right now, Reece is more interested in just chewing on the controller and cord rather than conquering beasts and perfecting a pix-elated character. But I fear that all too soon his Weitzel/Carr boy genes will take over and he will be lost forever.

(Side note: you can kinda see his mohawk in this second picture. It looks like a tuft of hair floating two inches above his head. It won't stay down even when we try, and it certainly gets a lot of attention from the ladies).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Go, Banana!

Just a cute video of Reece from today. I'll try to get more good pics of his radical mohawk. It's seriously two inches tall and totally natural. A lot of babies have to spend hours grooming to get that kind of killer hairdo. Not our baby. His hair just screams for attention, and oftentimes so does Reece. Usually, thank goodness, he is less likely to scream than to just stare people down until they fawn over him.

Here he is talking to Grandma Nancy on the phone. He always gets this look when he's on the phone, though he rarely makes a sound. You can also kinda see the mohawk here.

Reece loves loves loves Teddy Bear's Picnic (the original song, not the Internet Sensation version). It somehow ended up being his bedtime book/song. He gets so excited when we start to sing (Paul includes an opening fanfare each night so Reece starts flapping his arms and squealing when he hears the drumroll) and it is pretty much the only book that Reece doesn't try to eat as soon as he sees it. It's even worked as a calming ploy when we try to actually get him to sleep. He'll cuddle with his book. The book could be a bit more cuddly in return, but I'm sure with enough drool it'll end up nice and soft soon enough. For this video, I left Reece sitting in the middle of the bed, the book out of reach (I thought) and closed, and I came back to find him doing a little light reading.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Reece Today

Reece is 6 1/2 months old now and he just got a crib today. No more sleeping in a drawer for our little guy. He loves it so far, and I love that his bed no longer slopes toward the middle (play yards are fantastic, but his needed a bit of an upgrade). He also loves that his stuffed animals can all fit in his bed with him. So please do enjoy our little Reece-man.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Vacation Videos - Only 6 weeks late

So just a few videos from our trip. I know it's like a month later and it's kinda not relevant anymore. But it takes time to get to things, so here we go.

This first video is only representative of what happened with Reece everywhere we went. People LOVED him, especially the Italians. It was fun to watch, and we even (sometimes) got special perks because of it. Example: in Venice a couple gave us all-access passes to every museum because they thought Reece was cute. Unfortunately he cried in every one of them. Then in Florence's Uffizi, we got to go behind the little velvet ropes to get to the elevators and got to see the full 360 view of some famous sculptures (the actual thorn in the "Boy with the Thorn in his foot" or whatever it's called). We had tourists gawking at Reece instead of Michelangelo's David, and others pointing out Reece instead of admiring Galileo's actual finger (which we thought was pretty cool). This happened dozens of times a day, so when we left Italy Reece had been trained that if he looked at someone long enough, they would love up on him. He's still getting over that and will stare people down in the store. If they don't look back and smile, he yells at them. It's pretty funny and getting better.

This next video is from our drive through Switzerland. We were just amazed at how incredibly beautiful it was. Enjoy.

This video is halfway up Mount Pilatus in Lucerne, Switzerland. This was our favorite day of the trip.

And finally, just a little bit of French culture from our three hours we spent in Strasbourg. Sure Ryan and Liz actually live in France and can actually give you accurate accounts of the culture, food, people and music, but we aren't cool enough. So you get me singing Frere Jacques.