Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We just got back from a mini-family reunion in Yosemite. We camped with Paul's aunt, cousins and brother and families. They're such a fun group of people and we had a blast. We uploaded our pictures onto our Picasa page. It was gorgeous and awesome and we loved it.

Our tent was very snug and our baby got much less sleep than he needed, but we had a great time and can't wait to go camping again. Reece LOVED it, especially chasing squirrels and cousins, and yelling at birds and adults.

Paul got a killer black eye while rafting.

It actually looked worse after a couple of days, but it's getting better now. The funny part was that he had an interview two days later. It turns out the black eye may have helped in the interview, though, because Paul got the job offer and we'll be moving to San Diego for a year in 2011-2012. We're grateful for the clerkship, but maybe not so excited about moving yet again.

Back to Yosemite:This was the only real hike we did, but it was definitely worthwhile. Reece slept for a good portion of the hike, and only woke up when we got to the waterfall mist. My quads were killing me the next day from climbing up the rocks with the baby pack on. Totally worth it, though.

So now that we're moving to Portland in 6 weeks, who wishes they had come to visit us? Don't worry, even though we won't be living here for a while, we are more than willing to come back to Yosemite and join anybody who wants to camp in the most beautiful national park in America.

Hop Up, Jump In!

Reece is a very physical baby. He loves learning new tricks and often gets frustrated because he can't quite master a task. He learns fast, though. His latest trick is jumping. Paul spent a good amount of time teaching Reece how to bend his knees, and often re-emphasizes that Reece needs to push off his toes. It's pretty cute to watch them interact. Reece loves his dad. He yells "daaaaa!" every time he sees Paul after a long absence. He'll tackle Paul if he catches him on the floor. And Reece loves giving daddy big kisses. This first video shows off my boys' latest war wounds. Paul got a fat black eye from our Yosemite camping trip and Reece got his face nice and scraped up. It also proves that Reece is not pleasant all the time. Just so you know, Paul got Reece addicted to jelly bellies (another special part of their relationship) and Reece is crying because I won't let him have any more.

Here's a sample of Reece's hopping techniques: