Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Wizards of Menlo Park

Menlo Park, wooooo! Don't you feel just as excited when you think about Menlo Park? You can't help but just shout it out! Well, before you get too excited, we actually live in Atherton. I know, it's much less exciting. Atherton is a little town just next to Menlo Park. The houses in Atherton are much more expensive than Menlo Park, so guaranteed we will never live in Atherton again. Paul's office, however, is in Menlo Park. No, not Menlo Park, New Jersey (he's not quite Thomas Edison yet). Paul is the Wizard of Menlo Park, California. It's wayyyy different.We live in a beautiful neighborhood where we actually feel safe walking any time of day (which is in striking contrast to Long Beach, where we never felt safe walking...which is why Paul bought me pepper spray for Christmas...the only time we ever used it, it actually ended up burning Paul's hand and both of our lungs, but that's a different story). I'll put in a picture of our little guest house (which I took more for insurance purposes, but you might find it interesting).

We've had a few adventures so far. For most of these adventures we didn't bring our camera. So here's a short list of pictureless adventures:
  • Playing on the firm's softball league (Paul got a great scrape on his leg, and I split my fingernail in half...we lost 21-4)
  • Speed Go-Carts (I had to add in "speed," because we went really really really fast...also, I ended up getting 3d place out of 13, and Paul got 4th...I cut him off on the very last lap...also another story)
And now for the good stuff:

San Francisco

Muir Woods
We went on a great hike in Muir Woods (thank you, Ryan). Muir Woods is famous for some Ewok scenes in Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi. I have to say, I could easily imagine Muir Woods as being the forest moon of Endor. We even thought we might get attacked by some Ewoks (which looked strangely like squirrels), but Paul assured me that his Jedi skills would sail us through. We're still alive, so I guess he was right.

Now there are some good-looking people...behind us.

The biggest tree in the forest. It fell about four years ago.

Paul is descending into the crypts. All of these trees looked like they should have dwarfs living in them (we've read too many children's fantasy books). I also thought this would be a good forest for the Gummy Bears. They'd have plenty of space to bounce here, and there, and everywhere.

View from the top.

If you listen carefully, you'll notice that Paul inadvertently (so he claims) calls my legs "enormous." His punishment is that I post it to the blog.

As always, we'll have more pictures in our Weitzel Web Albums. However, since we post the best ones here, and even these aren't very good, you probably don't want to check out the others.

Friday, May 9, 2008

They Steal Your Soul...

So Paul and I have now been married for two years. Thank you, thank you. They say the first two years are the hardest, right? Living in newly-wed bliss can really take a toll on you. Well, in those two years of marriage, Paul and I have generated some pretty crazy bedtime stories. By that I mean, really weird things happen in the middle of the night. Don't worry, this isn't kinky.

All newly-married couples have to get used to sharing a bed, but I think Paul had a harder time of it than anybody else. When we first got married Paul would wake me up in the middle of the night because he was shaking. At first I thought he was having seizures, because the bed would shake so terribly, but by the time I woke up and was conscious enough to know what was going on, Paul was sleeping peacefully again, as if nothing had happened. I would always panic and make sure he was breathing, then watch him for a while to make sure he was okay. This happened probably four or five times before I decided I was just going to stay up and watch him sleep to see what was going on.

Well I only made it an hour or so before I dozed off as well, but it was one of those half-awake/half-asleep kind of dozes. I rolled over on the bed and in the process placed my arm around Paul (I know, it's sweet). As soon as I touched him, Paul jumped straight up, his body super stiff and trembling. He threw my arm off (pretty hard), turned his body away, and went peacefully back to sleep. So it turns out Paul wasn't having seizures, he was just scared of me.

When I told him about it the next morning he, of course, didn't remember any of it. He has since stopped throwing my arms or pushing me away in the middle of the night, and he hasn't had any jumping episodes in quite a while.

Just as a side note: Paul is incredibly afraid of spiders, especially at night. So he claims that he thought my arm was a giant spider arm, thus justifying (in his mind) violently, albeit unconsciously, throwing me across the bed.

Well that was the craziest bedtime story we had in our marriage, until Wednesday night. At about 2:30 in the morning Paul woke me up from a deep and tranquil sleep by whispering, "Wendy, I had a nightmare about vampires."

He sounded like a two-year old, whispering and huddled in his blankets. He was authentically scared. I mumbled back, "Paul, there are no such thing as vampires." What's really funny about all of this is that I wasn't really phased by it. It was just another normal thing that my husband should be scared of vampires.

He whispered back, "But the dream was really scary." He then proceeded to tell me about his dream. Something about vampires chasing him into a church and tricking him into leaving the chapel so they could get him. His dreams always involve some battle of wits, it's just that Paul usually wins. This time I guess the vampires outsmarted him.

So he continued, "All I need you to do is tell me I'm being ridiculous and then I can go back to sleep." So I said, "Paul, you're being ridiculous." It didn't work.

Paul continued, "But it was so realistic. And how do you know they're not in our house right now?" Paul then peeks under the bed to make sure they're not lurking underneath, just to spring on us the second we turn our backs. He continues: "But I guess they can't come in your house unless you invite them in. Right?"

Then me: "Right. Listen, Paul, there are no such thing as vampires. I know because I read the book."
Paul: "You don't know that!"
Wendy: "Yes I do, I told you, I read 'Dracula' like three times."
Paul: "Yeah, but...they steal your soul."
Wendy: "No they don't. Well, I guess they kind of do. But there are no such thing as vampires!"
Paul: "Do you promise?"
Wendy: "Cross my heart...and yours."

Paul then literally jumped. Apparently I said "and yours" in a really creepy voice. I wasn't exactly trying to scare him, but it was pretty funny. Suddenly all my work at trying to appease him was obliterated. He whisper-yelled, "Don't do that! I'm really freaked out right now!"

I realized at this point that there was no talking him out of the "fact" that vampires exist, so I just reassured him that we had locked all the doors, and there were no vampires in our house, that we hadn't invited them in and we wouldn't, and I told him to pray that he wouldn't have any more vampire nightmares, and I fell asleep again.
I think he stayed awake for at least another half hour, and the next day, though we laughed about it, he still wasn't convinced that there weren't vampires in our house.

It's a funny story, for sure, and as long as Paul doesn't drape garlic around our bed and sleep with a wooden stake under his pillow, I think we'll be fine.

Long Beach

Despite all the odds, Paul and I have really loved living in Long Beach. We were genuinely happy there, and I know, it surprised even us. We had great friends, we had an amazing ward, and we loved all the crazy stories. I'm including here a few of our last pictures, including: the 2008 Toyota Grand Prix, our going-away party as sponsored by Mikey and Amber Adling, Dave Stout's homecoming party, and our final full day at Disneyland with Paul's brother David and his two girls Molly and Katie.

So here's a really fast and cool formula 1 car going not-so fast.

It took like ten minutes to finally get a picture that had a car in it. Turns out the cars go really really fast.
A few people we claim are our friends: Brad Ward, Amy, Gage and Mason Duran, Mike Adling, Rosa Lauper, and Kim Ward hiding in the back.

More friends: Sebastian and Michelle Nava, Christina and Mark Freeman, Andrew and Kelly Nunnelly, and Brad Ward

A few more: Bronson Lauper, Wendy, Mikey, David and Lana Adling
Kim Ward, Amber Adling, Mady Ward, Rosa Lauper

This was at Dave's homecoming (from his four-month NASA internship in Virginia) / Weitzel goodbye party. Claudia tempted us into coming by making us delicious food. So here we've got (l-r) Dave and Raini Stout (who are coming to visit us next week! yahoo!), Claudia and Aaron Onsurez (who should come visit us), and Paul and me.

For some reason Paul wanted to take a picture of me on the carousel. He took about 20 shots and none of them worked out well. Go figure.

I think Paul got more sick on the teacups than anybody else. Seen here (clockwise): Paul, Molly, David, Katie