Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our Boy

He's still cooking, which is a very good thing. After our 34 week ultrasound which scared us into thinking he might be a girl, we had another ultrasound last week confirming that he is, indeed, a boy. The ultrasound also pushed his due date up by a week (yay!) and we got to see some incredible images of his huge head, huge belly, and tiny little legs. The ultrasound lady was getting frustrated because he wouldn't hold still for any of her measurements. We've got an active boy here! I was glad somebody else recognized how much and how strongly he's kicking me all the time.
Apparently he was yawning in this shot, so his mouth is kinda blurry. But it looks like he has a big mouth and big lips (the better to scream at us with).

We also finished (kind of) his room this week. By that I mean we painted a wall and set up a changing table. That's about as cutesy as we get, so we're pretty proud of our accomplishments.
Paul did most of the painting and assembling and moving and everything. It's so nice being pregnant (for that reason alone).

Not a super clear picture, but Paul wanted to show off his painting muscles. So hot.

Our camera was about dead by this point, but you get the idea.

Monday, February 9, 2009

34 1/2 Weeks

For those of you who are sensitive to the sight of pregnant bellies, avert your eyes now (Kyle). I didn't want to change into the traditional pregnant belly picture clothes, so we went for the actual belly shot this time. Really this is just for me to remember how huge I have gotten. Who doesn't want to remember that?