Friday, January 30, 2009

How Cool We Are

We finally did something cool. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures to document this or prove it in any way, but since it's not actually that cool I don't think it's really necessary. I guess I'm just tired of posting about how fat I'm getting. Last night we went to watch some of Paul's law school buddies (aka The Dough). play at the House of Blues on Sunset Blvd. That's right, we went to the House of Blues. You may not be shocked yet, but let me just remind you, that it's a club, and we went. We're just not normally the clubbing type. And I have to say, being about 8 months pregnant and neither of us drinking anything did make us stand out just a bit. But it was fun, and the band was actually really good. And now our baby's that much more likely to be a rocker. Now all he needs is a rocker name and some cool genes and his fate will be sealed. So basically his chances are still pretty much 0%. Poor boy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

30 Weeks!

I know everybody just can't wait to see how big Wendy's belly is today. I'm sure you're all thinking about it all the time, wishing you could feel the little guy kick and rub the belly for good luck (now that's a business venture I need to explore). He does kick all the time, and you will have good fortunes if you rub the belly (at least I assume, and I can say it here without fear of being assaulted since no one ever reads this thing anyway). So here are a few pictures of my belly at 30 weeks, taken last night on the way to the gym. Note: My workout/pregnancy pictures outfit is almost too tight to wear. I thought spandex was one size fits all?! I'm outraged.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

And So This is Christmas...

We got to go to Utah for Christmas again this year. It was fantastic. Our car didn't explode, and in fact we didn't even drive off the road, though the snow tried its best to steer us into many fences and oncoming vehicles. But we made it out alive. We got to see plenty of family and friends and just had a grand ol' time. We loved the murder mystery at the Carr house and were very impressed at everybody's participation...especially the fact that Kyle, Bryce, Tyler, and Layne all let us put make-up on them (Hayley wasn't too hard of a sell). Enjoy!

First a couple pics of us at the Griffith Observatory this last Saturday. It was a beautiful view of L.A. and a very welcome change from the snow of Utah. Who knew L.A. actually had pretty things?
Our awesome gingerbread house, our ugly Christmas sweaters, and our gigantic tree.

Kyle started swigging as soon as we got to Utah. He was just happy to see us.

Christmas morning with Mama Weitzel.

Paul wanted me to have something to open on Christmas morning. I got a giant map of Albania! It is actually just what I wanted, though a little hard to cart back to Utah.

Paul got his crock-pot he'd been asking for, and I got an I.O.U. for a digital piano (which was waiting in Sanpete for me). Yay, something to do with my spare time! Good job, Paul.

Nancy got a digital picture frame, which engrossed her even as she was opening other presents. Very cute to watch.

Basking in our glory and loot.

Traditional Weitzel family Christmas morning breakfasts of little smokies, half-boiled eggs and biscuits.

Nelson family and Kyle during the Christmas night murder mystery. Dena was Donner, Jim: Rudolph, Matty and Jason: Comet and Dasher, and Kyle was the Heat Miser.

Layne was Lennon Drop (the Communist elf), Bryce was Frosty, Hayley Mrs. Frost and Mom was Ms. Claus.

Dad was Santa (with no hat), Tyler: Snow Miser, Markie: Dancer, James: Vixen.

Grandpa and Grandma Allred with Wendy and baby Weitzel

Grandma Carr, Wendy and baby, Uncle Lynn