Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wendy and Her Magical Belly of Wonders

Just to document my amazing growing abdomen, here we are at 16 weeks (September 30):

Oh yeah, for those of you who didn't know: we're pregnant. Surprise! Unfortunately Paul stopped the video before the real belly dancing started. You're probably not thinking that's unfortunate. I like this video because it gives a sneak peak into what my belly will really look like in a few short weeks. Sigh... And in case you were wondering, pushing my belly out is as close as I can get to doing my crunches these days. The baby doesn't like crunches very much. I can't imagine why...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Finally, the New York Finale!

Just a few pictures from our New York escapades, including visits from Dena and Jim's family, Kyle, and Ryan, Liz, and Owen.

I realize this video is crooked, but it was a beautiful moment and I think everyone should share it. Liz is the Wii Boxing Queen.