Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Amelia's First Year

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Summer in the City

Oh boy, I just keep putting this off, and now it's become this huge task to attempt to update my blog. The last time I really updated was in March and, well, it's July. We may or may not have done some interesting things since then. I will say that this is pretty difficult to type because I currently have TWO wrist braces (which I am very tired of, I might add). Also, this coming weekend was going to be the first in a very long time that we didn't have any plans (but I'm happy to say that our status is now "busy" for the coming weekend). So a quick recap of events as I remember them, then some random pictures to accompany the list:
  • June - Reece took gymanstics classes from our YMCA. He LOVED them and now he can do a real somersault. I am very proud.
  • Walking - Amelia is still very cautious about her walking. She is not cautious, however, in any other aspect of her life. She is definitely our little monkey. She not only climbs on everything, but she'll pull the chairs out from under the table so she can crawl onto them. We had to dismantle Reece's slide from his bed (sad, I know), but she already figured out how to climb two rungs on the ladder. How do you childproof against that? Good thing she's so cute.
  • July - We spent the 4th of July relaxing, then planned to watch the fireworks from our roof with our friends the Brooks. About five minutes before 9 PM we heard a HUGE explosion and saw brilliant pink lights out our window. We thought the fireworks were starting early, but it turns out some glitch caused them to all explode at the same time. That's right, three synchronized fireworks shows went off in about 12 seconds all at the same time. I wish I had seen it. It sure sounded awesome, though.
  • We spent the following weekend at Big Bear so that I could run the Tough Mudder with my brother, Ryan. It was amazing, and super hard, and I proved to be less tough than I hoped. I fell off the very first obstacle (a set of climbing walls), landed on my wrists from about 6 feet up, and sprained them both pretty badly. Ryan was very kind and patient with me through the remainder of the race, but I couldn't use my hands at all. It was interesting to figure out how to climb over logs, swim under barrels, crawl under barbed wire, through tunnels, slide down a slip 'n' slide, climb a wet half-pipe, and more without the use of my hands. And now the adventure continues as I try to figure out how to take care of my kids on a daily basis with two big braces on my wrists/thumbs. Still worth it, though. Thanks, Ryan!
  • The next weekend Ryan, Liz, Owen, Dena and Markie all came down for Comic Con. I think we all got exactly what we expected to get out of it. It involved a lot of people-watching, line-waiting, and a few moments of sheer joy (such as: meeting the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, Paul being five rows from William Shatner and joining him in shouting "Khan!!!", Markie going on a photo spree and taking pictures of literally every person she saw with a costume, Owen refusing to take a picture of anyone with a costume...I don't blame him, Reece saying excitedly, "I saw 10 Spider-Mans!", seeing the entire cast of the Twilight movies and being unimpressed, seeing that my head was the size of Lou Ferrigno's bicep, and oh so many more). We're glad we had this authentic San Diego experience.
Now we're gearing up to have Dave and Teresa's family come visit us for the weekend (yay!) and then next week heading to Utah for Layne's mission farewell (oh yeah, he's going to Rome, Italy...jealous, anyone?). Then it's packing and moving and five weeks of time off work for Paul (double yay!!!).  I say it often to myself and to Paul, but we have a pretty sweet life.

Camping in April with Owen and our friends, Sam, Garin and Elijah.

Disneyland in May with Dena's family and Ryan's family.

I have no recollection of this day. But I love my family.

 My sweet Amelia at Mission Bay park.

 Amelia turned one! Then we found out she had a mild allergic reaction to both chocolate and peanut butter. Whoops.

They are not allowed on the balcony, so whoever let them is in big trouble...

I just love her.

 Paul went paint-balling with his brothers in June.

Our Tough Mudder victory dinner. Did I mention it was at a ski resort and they made us climb the mountain probably six times? Who does that? Ridiculous.

 Owen and Reece-ter at Big Bear.

 Liz and the crew at Big Bear.
Paul shaved his head and grew his beard. Super hot, right? Kinda not fair that he can dramatically alter his look and have it be so successful. I don't think I would fair so well.