Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanks: Given

We flew to Phoenix for Thanksgiving to spend time with Dave and Teresa's family. Tyler and Bryce also drove down, so it was a regular Carr extravaganza. We had a blast, though we wish we could have stayed longer. It was so refreshing for me to be around people I know and love and to have somebody to talk to. Also the sunshine was nice. I seriously feel rejuvenated since that trip. Thanks for having us, Dave and Teresa!

Waiting at the airport at midnight. Reece was doing great. Me, not so great.

Eva loved reading to Reece. Porter loved jumping on Paul. Reece basically followed these kids around everywhere and he loved playing with them so much he pretty much woke up an hour earlier than normal every single day.

Paul and I wrote a murder mystery for Wednesday night. The title was "Cereal Killer," with all cereal mascots as the characters. It was kind of a bust since we wrote it in about 5 hours, but it was still fun to get dressed up a little and try to manipulate each other.

Dave and Teresa's friends Eric and Jeri. They had the best costumes and were very good sports.

Dave as Cap'n Crunch and Teresa as Mrs. Butterworth. Dave caused a lot of scandal in this game, which I'm pretty sure he loved doing.

One of Reece and Ivy's many tea parties. Dave got them started with Mountain Dew, and even looking at the pictures Reece started freaking out and demanding more "sugar."

Climbing on Thanksgiving day.

Our only picture of the entire Thanksgiving gang.

Reece loves him some Eva.

Thanksgiving lunch, due to a delayed turkey. Not a bad tradition, I'd say.

Reece disappeared several times to go dig in the backyard. It was SO nice having good weather so we could go outside.

The cutest attendees at the party.

Back in Portland, "painting" cookies.

Oh yeah, that's some good Christmas prep.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween, Birthday and Magic Tricks...oh my!

Let's start this post out right. Reece was Elmo for Halloween, but I neglected to take any pictures that day, so this was taken this morning. Talk about an excited kid...

Last week we celebrated Paul's 29th birthday. That's the age everybody says they are when they want to pretend to be young, so I figure he's at a good stage in life. He says he's well past middle-age for a Weitzel male, but let's hope he stays around a lot longer than that. We did a semi-themed birthday for our Super Dad. He really is an amazing husband and father, not to mention my best friend. I'm so grateful to have him around.

This was supposed to be a Superman cake, but I ran out of red M&Ms. Close enough, right? Apparently it was good enough for Reece.

Happy birthday, dad!

If you seen us on Skype in the last two weeks then you've seen these two new Reece-tricks. But they're pretty cute, so it's high time I preserved them for the ages. To start us off, the best magic trick you've ever seen...from a 19-month old baby:

And next we have the world's best knock-knock joke...by a baby: