Sunday, October 24, 2010

So I've been completely slacking in the blogging area of my life. My reasons are fair, I suppose: I'm lazy. Also we haven't done very much that's been super exciting. We did, however, go to the coast a couple weeks ago (we picked the rainiest day), along with the Tillamook Cheese Factory.

So Paul had to prove his manliness and go in the freezing water. You can't tell, but the rain was coming down sideways, and quite a bit of it, too. I think I got more wet than Paul while waiting on the shore.

He is quite the man.
We loved the cheese factory (who wouldn't?). We had plenty of cheese samples and piles of ice cream. Dad, if you ever come visit us, we'll buy you the 30-scoop bowl. We also just might buy it in your honor because it looks awesome.

Paul had Veteran's Day off (hooray for being a government employee!) so we hit the pumpkin patch. They had both a train AND a boat ride, plus we took this wheelbarrow ride for free.
We didn't get a picture of the mechanical shark, but there was also this pretty cool dragon. What pumpkin patch has metal sharks and dragons? We loved it.
Here's Reece's face if you ask him to smile for the camera. Apparently smiling is pinching your cheeks. Good thing his cheeks are still nice and pinch-able.

And finally, Paul was nice enough to let me take a nap yesterday afternoon. When I woke up, the men in the house had turned back to their caveman instincts (shirts off and everything). Paul made finger paints out of pudding and they painted some pretty impressive stuff (Paul painted the Mona Lisa and Starry Night; Reece painted the floor and his face).
Who knew art could taste so good?