Friday, September 23, 2011

San Diego!!!

I apologize to the wide blogging world for withholding pictures of my kids for so long. I realize you've probably been pining away while waiting for me to get my act together. Well, my act is still not quite together and I have doubts that it ever will be again (if it ever was to begin with). But I will give you a few pictures to appease your curiosity/voyeur tendencies/appetite.

We have been having a blast in San Diego. It's beautiful every day (which we appreciate oh so much more after living in Portland), we LOVE our location, Paul has a good job, and my kids keep me more than entertained. I am really loving being a mom; more than ever before. I feel so grateful to be able to be their mama. Not just because they're incredibly cute, and not just because Amelia sleeps through the night (most of the time), or because Reece has an imagination bigger than the giants that chase him around the house (daily...unless they're hiding in his room, or in time out...that's right, I put his imaginary giants in time out, and it's no easy job). It's just everything. There's also the fact that we live half a mile from the zoo, four miles from Sea World, and can see the ocean from our balcony. Jealous? Then come visit! We'll take you out for some great Mexican food and we'll make Reece sleep in the hall so you can have your own private suite (with crib and air mattress included).

I guess part of having a great time being a mom is not taking many pictures. I have been horrible at documenting Amelia's cuteness and Reece's increasing cleverness. I love reading friend's blogs who write quotes from their kids or post silly things they do. You just won't get those things from this blog, because I am a slacker. But you will get pictures. And without further ado...
Reece's new friend is Elijah. We swap babysitting with E's parents, so these kids get to hang out quite a bit. We forced them to wear animal costumes, and cuteness ensued. That lasted about two minutes.

This is how Amelia looks most of the time. Except without the hat. And maybe more puke. Reece calls it "pute," and is super good and bringing me burp rags at a moment's notice.

These are in no order, because Kyle was here in early August. He helped us move and Reece misses him terribly. In fact, while I was posting these pictures Reece kept saying, "I want to see the picture of me with Uncle Kyle!" He misses his buddy.

Amelia comes from Fontana stock.

We visited Dave's family in early September. We were only there for a weekend but we all had a blast. Hooray for living close to family! Also, Reece and Amelia have 16 cousins, and Reece loves them all. In fact, whenever he sees kids that he likes or wants to play with, he calls them his cousins.

Our beautiful, smiley, peaceful girl. She really is an angel.

She's so chill. I can't say that enough. We love her. Also her hair is thinning daily. She takes after her daddy, I guess.

When I was a little girl my mom would tell me that if I stuck out my lower lip any more, a bird would come and land on it. Amelia inherited my bottom lip.

Okay, our kids seriously have the coolest hair. While Amelia's hair doesn't stick straight up naturally, she still has a rockin' natural mohawk. She also has a mullet in the back, but we try to ignore that.

At Sea World on the Elmo ride. We're big fans.

Uncle Bryce came to visit us in late August. We love him. In fact, we even made up a little song about him, which Reece will sing and dance to. It's pretty clever, if you ask me. ("Uncle Bryce is so nice." That's it. Awesome, right?)

At La Jolla Cove with Uncle Kyle. We've since explored this beach more and it's super awesome. Tide pools, sea lions, gorgeous waves, secluded beaches. Sigh...

Now start planning your visits. We can't wait to see you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Amelia update

Don't get too excited, we're not actually posting things like our move to San Diego, or the goings-on in our lives. Just one video of how cute Amelia is. She rolled over last week for the first time at 12 weeks. Reece rolled over at 6 weeks, but Amelia is much more graceful. We love her.